Dissemination Plan


Dissemination of the results is a key objective within the network to ensure synergism of the research done within the Action and acceleration of translation to the patients or SME/industry. Training Schools will be organized on an annual basis and will give ESRs a focused and multi-disciplinary access the expertise from leaders in their field. These workshops will be organized by the WGs to share knowledge and involve all generations of researchers in their work. Each participant will take advantage of intensive training on new and emerging subjects. The Training Schools will therefore stimulate future scientific cooperation. Practical training will also be proposed, when possible, in individual laboratories to be trained to specific techniques (molecular or cell biology, specific in vivo phenotyping approaches, etc).

Another target is outside of the network, to inform public, other research and clinical communities as well as Scientific Societies, public/private research organization and national and European agencies.

Where possible, outreach activities for schools will be supported through national agencies and the participating academic institutions which have such programmes up and running. Of course, attention will be devoted to intellectual property rights before dissemination to ensure proper future economic opportunities.


The following methods will be employed:

  1.     electronic (open access to restricted parts of the website for public audience, password-protected section for scientific audiences for working documents, press release for the public and non-specialist, open access, when possible, to publications depending on copyright agreements);
  2.     printed material for public audience, scientific communities (information leaflets included in seminar packs of relevant societies, peer-reviewed reviews, workshop reports, progress report for national/European/charity funding agencies and press release for industry;
  3.     presentation for scientific communities (scientific meetings, sub-discipline meetings, publications of guidelines), contribution to national, European and international conferences, for government/funding agencies, for industry (with IP concerns when required).


Object of dissemination Main target audience Quantity
Website Academics, Industry, Policy maker, Public 1
Limited-access website Action participants 1
Electronic discussion forums Action participants 1
Newsletters Academics, Industry, Public 1 per WG
WG meetings Action participants 7
Presentations at scientific conferences Academics Several
Annual meetings Action participants Invited speakers, Industry 4
Training schools ESRs 4
Proceedings Academics, Industry, Public 1 per WG and per conference
Review articles Scientific community 1 per WG