Potential impact of the Action

The Action will build capacity in the European Research Area, increase scientific knowledge, facilitate its translation to patients, increase health benefit, and will initiate and sustain networking between established and emerging research groups arising from the ESRs involved in this Action.

The research performed by the network members in the 6 WGs will be financed by local, national or international funding agencies, independent of the COST action. Therefore the Action will cover all the costs for the activities of the network including management, coordination and meeting organization. The Action shall initiate trans-national applications for research funding.

This COST Action will deliver on ERA Priorities to include:

  1. More effective national and trans-national research systems
  2. Optimal transnational cooperation and portability of expertise and joint grant applications among laboratories from a base of 10 Member States
  3. An open recruitment of early stage researchers for STSMs and Training Workshops
  4. Gender equality and gender mainstreaming of research training in STSMs and in Working Groups and membership of the Management Committee
  5. Optimal circulation, access and transfer of knowledge via digital open access for publications and dissemination of knowledge (ADMIRE will use the partner universities ePub websites for dissemination of the COST Action fellows publications e.g. http://www.rcsi.ie/library_epublications).